Writer/director Lauren Ciaravalli is an unabashed fan of the teen genre in both film and television. The chart below is a tribute to the genre and the works that have influenced the style of Tryouts.
Tryouts has moments that range all along the heart of this spectrum- 
which means lots of fun and comedy but also some heartfelt, raw emotions. 
Prepare to be entertained and feel something too!

Some classic moments that serve as visual reference and inspiration for Tryouts

FML moments in the hallway.
(MTV's Awkward)
BFF conferences in the bathroom.
(John Hughes' Sixteen Candles)

First Kisses
(FOX's Glee)
week-in-the-knees and sick to your stomach over that elusive boy
(Winne Holzman's My So-Called Life)
not-so-healthy competition
(Disney Channel's High School Musical)