Sarah Jes Austell (violet) 
Sarah Jes is a junior studying drama at NYU Tisch, and is thrilled to be working on this project! 

Donna Bullock (mrs. fairfield)

Andrew Carr (david)

Jessica Preddy (arden)

Max Carpenter (cole)
Max is an NY based actor with a BFA in drama from NYU. Look him up on IMDB to see his recent work or go to his youtube channel to see his sketch comedy.

Jordan McDonaugh (gwen)
Jordan McDonough is currently completing her final semester at NYU Tisch. She is thrilled to be holding the mirror up to nature-starring as Sarah Jes' wingman, just like in real life.

(high school students)

Megan Shannon
Mallory Richards
Chris Sinunu
Isabelle Sacks
Emily Drake
Peter Gangi
Daniel Froot
Jacqueline Goodman
Matt Wong
Mariah Dalton
Katherine Ciaravalli